Sandlot Baseball and Softball Academy of Western New York

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Frank Charles Catchers Clinic
11/6 -12/11

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The premier provider of baseball and softball instruction. Our specialized instructional program goes beyond just the physical training on the field to include heart, attitude, and mental preparation. Our goal is to instill a life-long learning system for both mind and body. Our programs are designed to help parents create successful, dedicated and respectful children by reinforcing positive values in our unique baseball/softball setting. Students not only learn how to play the games, but also learn self confidence by setting and reaching goals, self esteem by continual growth, improvement on and off the field, and respect for others and themselves.

Sandlot Camps & Clinics

Sandlot provides athletes the ability to compete with top of the line equipment year round. Good players play, great athletes compete consistently. Baseball and Softball athletes of WNY and surrounding communities now have the opportunity to compete consistently and properly like the professionals. With state of the art pitching machines and BlackSound board we are able to put together hitting and pitching leagues that play like a real life game. If you like to compete, these leagues are for you.

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Hours of Operation

Weekdays : 3 to 9
Saturday : 9 to 5