Sandlot Baseball and Softball Academy of Western New York

The Sandlot Baseball and Softball Academies philosophy is based on encouraging and rewarding positive behavior for each student in his or her game, at home and at school. The positive characteristics taught at The Sandlot Baseball and Softball Academies are qualities that help our students succeed in not only being better ball players, but also better participants at home and at school. Our CHAMPS philosophy is based on the following:

champ n. Informal - A Champion
cham'pi'on - One that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner

Coachable Coach v. - to instruct, direct, or prompt as a coach: to train intensively (As by instruction and demonstration) (coach pupils) coach'able adj.

Honor hon'or n. - good name and respect other people may have for the person: A showing of merited respect; one whose worth brings respect or fame hon'or t.v. - To live up or fulfill the terms of

Attitude att'ti'tude n. a position assumed for a specific purpose: A mental position with regard to a fact or state; A state of readiness to respond in a Characteristic way to a stimulus or situation

Mentor men'tor n. - a wise and trusted guide and advisor; v.- Serve as a teacher or trusted counselor

Pride Pride n. - self respect or a sense of your own importance or worth; A feeling of satisfaction in something that you or someone else has achieved; The correct level of respect for the importance and value of your personal character, life, efforts, or achievements; The happy satisfied feeling somebody experiences when having or achieving something special that other people admire

Sportsmanship sports'man'ship n. - Fair and reasonable behavior playing a sport; Conduct considered fitting for a sportsperson, including observance of the rules of fair play, respect for others, and graciousness in losing

Hours of Operation

Weekdays : 3 to 9
Saturday : 9 to 5